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TomTom Events is your single point of contact for your next event.

Specialising in the planning, delivery and management of mass participation sporting events, TomTom Events has worked with organisations around the world, from both private and charity sectors.

Our customers benefit from the stress-free, single contact approach to event management that TomTom Events provides.


Along with our creativity, trusted partners and suppliers and high quality standards, your vision can be realised, visualised and delivered beyond your expectations.

Our Core Values

  • Reliable Service

  • First-Class Delivery

  • Outstanding, Proactive Teams

TomTom Events was established in 2015 by our founder Tom Britten.

Tom's passion for event management began back in college, when he and a group of friends were tasked to organise an event. From then on every job that Tom had involved some aspect of event management and if it didn’t he made sure it did by the time he left. 


Sporting events became a passion of Tom’s through his own involvement, helping participants reach goals and achievements whilst encouraging them to raise money for causes close to their hearts. 


For this reason one of TomTom Events' main objectives is “Helping Others”. We pride ourselves on our customer service, listening to and understanding our clients' needs, to make each and every event unique and personalized to them or their business. We offer a personalized service where you, the client, can contact us at any time of the day and we will be there to help in anyway we can.

Our staff attend every event with a smile on their face. They are creative and always think on their feet, problem solving as they go. We strongly believe that with an awesome team we can make awesomeness happen “Together Everyone Achieves More” This is our TEAM motto.


In event delivery we make sure that we don’t just put on an event, we put on an event with finesse and quality. We make sure that there are no unsightly visuals, the last cable tie has been snipped, and that ultimately the last T has been crossed and the last I has been dotted.


Tom Britten


Dan Grosvenor

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