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Staff Zone

We are always on the look out for enthusiastic and willing event staff. So if you have previously worked on an event, or would like to get started at your first event, please apply now become part of the team.

Whether it is a charity run or a large corporate event, event staffing is great fun and will give you a great sense of achievement, not just for yourself but also for charity causes that you may be helping.

Here at TomTom Events we pride ourselves on placing 'Proactive, Professional and Enthusiastic Crew.' Events naturally come with long hours, early mornings and a lot of hard work. We are on the look out for people who are looking to get more involved in the event industry, not just to make a quick quid, but to explore the possibilities of a long term future within the industry. Through the events we place you on, your role is usually rewarded with good pay, travel expenses, accommodation and meals whilst away from home during event delivery. Therefore we expect our staff to work hard and get stuck in and always go above and beyond whilst representing TomTom Events

Working on our events, we can assure you that your social circle will also very quickly widen, enjoying post event drinks and socials, catching up with other event professionals with adventurous and aspirational outlooks on life.

Lets see where this journey can take us!

Be part of the team!

Not just one of the team, but a vital role for any event.

You may be setting up event infrastructure, handing out drinks and snacks to participants, serving food at a wedding, entertaining at a party or simply helping to ensure the safety of those attending an event.

Whatever your role ends up being, you won't regret becoming a part of the team, join today and let us show you what an awesome event looks like!

Event Volunteer

necessity without which, many events would not run.

The role of a volunteer is great fun, from setting up an event to encouraging participants to keep going, when all they want to do is stop, is a life changing experience.

The sense of achievement volunteers receive from helping at charity events seems unparalleled anywhere else. So why not sign up today and experience the greatness of being an Event Volunteer.


Event Team Management Delivery Roles

Examples of previous roles we have staffed:

Volunteer Management 

Section Team Management 

Route Management

Rest Stop Management 

Venue Section Management 

Delivery Corporate Liaisons Management  

Operational Management 

Logistical Management

Compere/ MC Roles 

Event Crew

If you have not yet worked on an event and would like to gain experience please apply to join our 'Event Crew' and when opportunities arise, we can help to get you started in the event industry. Following good feedback from our clients, we will then look to move you up the ranks, utilising the experience you have gained with us, by placing you in to roles of greater responsibility. 

Examples of previous roles we have staffed:

Operational Assistants 

Logistical Assistants

Site Crew (Build and Rerig)  

Site Crew (Participant Delivery) 

Marshal Roles

Registration Crew 

Support Roles 

We make a promise to our clients that "We will have met and trusted each and every member of our team before we place them into a role"..."We don't just provide a person to fill a role, we provide proactive, professional and enthusiastic crew to fill the needs and requirements of the individual roles required."


With this in mind, if we feel we have a role that would suit you we will contact you, invite you to meet us for a coffee or arrange a Skype call before sending you out in the field with the client. 


We also regularly have clients looking for volunteers, if you have a few weekends free and are looking to volunteer on some amazing events, register to become a volunteer and we will regularly update you with volunteer opportunities. With these opportunities comes experience and a great sense of pride in helping others to get across that finish line. 


Often with our volunteer opportunities the events offer complimentary places or heavily discounted places in exchange for your time. With great feedback as a volunteer we would always look to promote you into paid roles, before looking to outsource, if we feel you have the right talent.

Working at TomTom Events

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