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Giant Deckchairs 

Are you looking for something to make your brand or event STAND OUT


Here at TomTom Events we build and brand our deckchairs by hand in the UK ourselves using only top quality materials. Our Giant Deckchairs don't just look great but they are people and camera magnets too! This is a simple and effective way to instagram your activation without having to bribe your target market with a free mug. 

Our Deckchairs can be designed bespoke to your business, brand or event.

Custom your Deckchair!

We offer our deckchairs in a standard wood finish or a dark stained finish with options to add locks and tie down kits.

We offer a range of fully branded slings 

210gsm - Recommended for single day or short term events. 

380gsm Canvas - stronger hold (less wrinkles when sat on) 

400gsm Denim - Printed on denim fabric 

410gsm - stronger for a longer term use. 

620gsm - double sided branded with a blackout layer

We offer discount on multiple chairs and offer a rebranding service if you want to replace your artwork on your sling. 

What makes us different?

1) Although our promotional deck chairs are GIANT, we have designed them differently to others in the market so that all ages and ability's old or young can sit down onto the chair as if they are sitting at a normal level whist keeping the same GIANT effect. We noticed that almost all giant deckchairs involve participating in a somewhat challenging gymnastic act to mount and sit in the chairs. 

2) Because we build these chairs ourselves in the UK your chair was built which as much love and passion as you have for your event. 


Where can I put my chair? 

- At your trade stand?

- On an event activation?

- Outside your shop?

- Inside your shop?

- Pub garden? 

- In your garden?

- Take it to the beach?

Festivals, Indoor and Outdoor Events, Expos, Businesses, Bars, Ski restaurants we've done it; If there is room put a deck chair on it to make an instant summer! 

Size | #BIG 

Our deckchairs fold flat down to around 25cm but you will need a large van to transport them. a Luton is idea but they will fit in an Extra Long wheel base vehicle. Our chairs weigh in at around 50kg so get a buddy to help you move it or get down the gym... 

Promotional Deckchairs | Standard Size 

We also do smaller promotional deckchairs to compliment their larger friends. We are super competitive in the market. 

Lead Time 

Lead time is based on order quantities and location,


We can arrange delivery to UK or internationally, prices are based on location and order quantity 


We will attach a warning sign to all deckchairs advising of a weight limit however due to various circumstances that surround public behaviour our product does not come with a warranty. We advise you do a thourough risk assessment on the usage of your chair and advise that you keep this feature manned. We understand that this is not always possible and public will not always adhere to signage, if your chair does break we may be able to offer a chargeable repair service depending on the condition in which the chair is in. Our liability for the chairs finishes as soon as they have been delivered. Our warning sign reads: " MAX 250KG OR 2 PERSONS. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" 


Call Tom today to get yours booked in ready for your next event | 00447508243243

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